We can help you navigate through the myriad of Health and Safety legislation and assist you with legal compliance TODAY!

Todays economic climate and the business case for Health and Safety...................

In today’s economic environment every business faces many challenges and risks, the ability to mitigate and manage the risks are essential for the company's success.

Health and Safety management is one of the challenges which can be a daunting task for all businesses.

Safetytoday can help you navigate through the maze of Health and Safety legislation to ensure your organisation remains legally compliant and efficient.

Good practice in Health and Safety makes sound business sense.

The benefits include:

  • Protecting employees from the suffering caused by accidents and ill health
  • Reducing your employees absences and sick leave
  • Retaining your staff
  • Maintaining your organisation's reputation in the market place
  • Boosting productivity and profits
  • Reducing your insurance premiums
  • Avoidance of legal costs and potential custodial sentences 

The recently introduced sentencing councils guidelines for health and safety offences will introduce the prospect of million pound plus fines for larger organisations and smaller businesses could see fines in excess of 10% of turnover.

Safetytoday provide a level of service which is:

Right: based on the correct assessment of the risk and taking account of any established standards (e.g. exposure limits) and good practice (e.g. as found in HSE guidance)

Tailored: directed at the actual circumstances found in the workplace under consideration, based on our knowledge and experience of the particular industry, process etc, and tapping into the knowledge and experience of both the management and workers at the particular workplace.

Sensible: concentrating on practical action to control significant risks, not overresponding to trivial risks, not pursuing paperwork as an end in itself and looking to control measures that are reasonably practicable.

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